Other services:

  • Other contracts require support for DoD customers in firearms training, tactical driving, HME training, security training.
  • We support research and development programs with our technology partners. 
  • We support technology integration teams OCONUS.
  • Logistics services.
  • Master firearms training for DoD security teams, other government and law enforcement.
  • Customized training programs to support security personnel within large or small corporations.
  • Consulting and/or performance of security details for large public events.
  • Advisory and training programs for school systems, public and private.
  • Technical investigative subject matter experts for major anomolies such as large facility explosions.
  • Force Protection details for government outposts.
  • Security for research facilities.
  • Small private groups requiring security or firearms training.
  • Consulting services.  Many clients don't know what they don't know.  They know they need help, but they don't know what questions to ask.  Contact us.  We provide customized assistance, respectfully, focused on your success.  Your safety and the training it takes to accomplish it is our mission.   

seaport-E #N00178-12-D7090


CAGE: Available on request.

POC:  Info@TridentAlliance.com

Past performance:  Provided through proper channels.

Phone:  775-298-1535

Task Orders:  Non-publish except by permission of Customer

Team Members:  N/A

QA program:  Specific to Mission/Task Order.  Detailed documentation provided by Customer Request. 

Functional area of service on Seaport-e:  Research & Development, multi-agency collaboration for field ops.  Interoperability Test & Evaluation, Supply Provisioning Support, Training, Program Management, Contract Management, Audit Support